Our Work

Live Edge Furniture

Sometimes know as "Natural Edge" furniture, our selection of Live Edge Furniture showcases the beautiful natural edges of maple, cedar, walnut, and other woods which are crafted into truly remarkable pieces.  ABP Works designed furniture pieces integrating woods organic characteristics with a clean, graceful modernist aesthetic .

Signiture Trays

Our versatile barn wood trays are handcrafted from near century old prairie barns. The leather handles are from old long forgotten horse tack that was found in the barns. Each piece comes with a brief history of the barn the wood is salvaged from as well as a picture of the barn while it was in its glory.  

Barn Wood Items

Our reclaimed wood furnishings emphasis the beauty of the natural grain, nail holes, saw marks, and knotholes from using historic re-claimed lumber.

When we build our barn wood furniture, each board is selected for its unique architectural elements and natural characteristics and join to make beautiful pieces to be enjoyed for many generations to come.